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HillSide CrossFit is a purpose built CrossFit academy providing a functional fitness program, nutritional programs, rehab/prehab programs and educational seminars delivered to it’s members by qualified and professional coaches. We have barbells, bumpers, Kettlebells, Med balls, Pull ups bars, Free Standing Squat racks and much more. You will not find machines on our floor we use free weights, body weight and other tools to provide a much more holistic approach to fitness. We will coach you to move, eat well and live a healthy lifestyle you deserve.
At HillSide CrossFit we offer CrossFit Classes to suit any people at any fitness level. CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that consists of weightlifting, gymnastics and mono structural (cardio) movements always varied and always executed at a high intensity. CrossFit is completely scalable making it very versatile for people at any fitness level. Our academy is aimed at providing serious results to anyone who wants to learn.

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Scalable To Fitness Levels

Yes you can do CrossFit! We are able to scale to any fitness level regardless of ages, gender, ability, injury and fitness level.

Constantly Varied

Every day the work out is different. Routine is the enemy. This keeps training enjoyable and well rounded.

Broad And Inclusive

Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing.

High Intensity

Our classes are only 60 minutes long but they are designed to increase strength and fitness fast.

Family Fitness

We have created a box that is a community, we inspire and motivate each other to become better physically, mentally and spiritually.

Quality Coaching

All our classes are Coached by fully qualified, professional and fun coaches who all have been working in the fitness industry for 5 years or more. We understand the needs of each individual regardless of fitness level, age, limits and ability.

We pride ourselves on quality of movement through quality coaching.

Getting Started at Hillside CrossFit

Step One:

Free Introductory Class

We run a free class Saturday mornings at 9am to get you started with CrossFit, this will enable you to come in workout, meet our coaches and see our awesome facility!

Step Two:

First Class

Try out one of our fully coached classes. This is a great way to experience the group atmosphere of CrossFit at Hillside while getting coached by a well knowledgeable, fully qualified and experienced Coach.

Step Three:

Choose Your Membership

Set up a custom membership to suit your needs. Pay per week, fortnightly or monthly and no lock in contracts!


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Our Regular Clients


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Hillside CF is a Crossfit Midvale and Midland based facility providing Realistic fitness to Midland and surrounding suburbs using CrossFit training Methods.

2 Elgee rd Bellevue, W.A 6056
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