Hillside CrossFit Kids classes

Hillside provides a fun, friendly and safe fitness program to kids for the age of 6-12 using CrossFit methodology to enhance their all over ability. There’s no prerequisite for fitness at Hillside CrossFit. We’ve a unique way of tailoring movement to suit one’s individual ability regardless of where their current ability is. This applies to adults as well. At our Junior classes kids will gain overall performance which can help their fitness ability for outside sports such as AFL, Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and more.

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CrossFit Kids

Age 6- 12 Years Old

CrossFit Kids at Hillside is a 30 min class programmed for kids aged 6 to 11/12 years. We work with the children to improve their functional fitness skills while keeping a fun and safe environment. We focus on body weight and cardio movements like box jumps, skipping, running, handstands, pull ups, push ups and more. Each week we have a skill focus, we work on the skill’s each class and then usually use that skill during the workout in class. We always finish our class with a fun fitness game to keep the kids engaged!