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Why CrossFit won’t get you to your fitness goals…..

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So you have some fitness goals? And you’re at cross roads on which fitness program you should do…

There are dozens of different fitness programs out there that can get you to your fitness goals, but one thing is for sure CrossFit will definitely not.

CrossFit claims to be one of the world’s best fitness programs and test the fittest people on earth, but does it do that?

Your fitness goals are important to your health and self achievement. You need to get there one way or another and you’re thinking How can any of these programs work? CrossFit is not going to get you to your current goals, it is going to dig down deep inside of you and find some goals you never even thought were possible. You will set a completely different mindset and goals to what you used to think were achievable. It will change everything you thought about fitness and challenge you in a new way.

The truth is CrossFit has grown so rapidly because so many people have achieved things they thought they never would. It is going to test you mentally physically and emotionally and I don’t believe there are many other programs that do that. Whether you are old, young, overweight or skinny it doesn’t matter. CrossFit is for anyone and it will show you how to set some crazy ass goals and crush them!

You can do this! Go and see what you are capable of and achieve something you thought you never would.